About Us

Our History

Since 1996, Communications Advantage has provided communications technology consulting services to clients throughout Southern California. With a reputation as an unbiased customer advocate, Communications Advantage has served clients in the Medical, Financial, and Manufacturing industries.

In 2002, Communications Advantage became a private California Corporation. To date, Communications Advantage, Inc. has provided millions of dollars in tangible long distance savings through effective rate and contract negotiation, and has helped customers evaluate and implement voice communications and WAN technology ranging in size from twenty stations to over ten thousand users.

In addition communications technology consulting, in 2019 Communications Advantage founded Audit the Cloud to provide cost management services for cloud computing and subscriptions.

Our Key Values

Wisdom: Communications Advantage will assist customers in making informed choices & obtaining genuine value from communications related technologies & services.

Stewardship: Communications Advantage will provide services solely as the customer’s advocate, never regarding our own benefits or a vendor’s benefits above the customer’s interests.

Character: Communications Advantage will consistently provide services with honesty, integrity & excellence.

“A good name is to be more desired than great wealth; Favor is better than silver and gold.”
from the Book of Proverbs

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